Here is a collection of photographs of horses in the process of being mended. They do not all belong to me. They appear here with permission of their owners. Back to the Vet.

Eddy the Highland Pony.

Eddie is in a state of repair, his body has been stabilised by a layer of milliput to fill crack and prevent further deterioration. He needs sanding and surface sculpting doing to give him features, better shaped legs and a smooth surface for painting.

Eddy is part of my own collection.

He is now finished and you can see his photos here.

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The Aviator aka Biggles.

A Jumping horse in very soft condition. He is being encased in milliput You can see on his neck where the latex is decomposing. This is the hardest kind of restoration work as it is very difficult to get the milliput to stick to an unstable surface, work has to commence in tiny stages so you build on the solid part you made before.

This is a slow process, as you can see Biggles has a long way to go before he is fully well again.

The thing he is resting on is a transparent cake pillar, when he is fully restored he will use this as a stand so he looks like he is going over a jump. It will take the weight off his vulnerable legs.

Biggles is part of my own collection.


Top Dollar

A palomino HOTY rubber arab.

I found Top Dollar in a bag of plastic horses in a junk shop, he cost me all of 69p!

He needs work on his front hoof where there is a split in the rubber (not visible in the photo) He also needs a good wash and some paint retouching on his hooves and eyes.



Bournville the pony does not belong to me, I am mending him for a friend called Anita. He appears here with her permission.

Bourneville needs new front hooves, this is the first stage of building them up. Curently they are just stumps but further surface modelling will make them look like real hooves.

His ears had gone gummy so they have been removed, they will be replaced in due time.

Bournville has an area of decomposing Latex on his quarters, it apears a sa wrinkled area in this photo, that will need to be sealed and rebuilt.

I hope to post progress pictures as the work goes on.


Further work on Bournville, the above pictures show the patching work in progress, a seam has had to have been filled along both sides of his stomach and slowly his rump is being covered to seal off the perished section.

He still needs proper hooves at the front, A large indenttion on his right shoulder has also been filled. He has new ears.

Sir Barnabus is a Shire horse belonging to Sam

His legs had collapsed on their wires making him look like a Dachshund. Barnabus has had his old legs removed and new wires set in. His body is very soft so he too is being covered in a layer of Milliput.

As you can see this is a very big undertaking, this work is taking a long time to do.

Once the Milliput covering is in place it will need a lot of careful sanding to make Barnabus a good shape again.


Initial work on Barnabus, gooey decayed latex has been removed, new leg wires have been implanted and held in place with a brace of Milliput particularly on his chest, this gives him a funny shaped chest but once the rest of the model is firm the excess putty can be filed away to make him a much more realistic shape.

As his body is very soft and pliable this work can only be done a tiny patch at a time, with one new section joining onto an older section dried section. A ring was constructed around his body to give something firm for me to hold on to and the rest has worked out from there in either direction.

You can see the soft fluffy stuffing used by Julip where his hind legs have been taken off, sometimes this stuffing is white, some times cream coloured and occasionally a darker orange.


More recent photographs of Barnabus show him almost entirely encased in putty.

Muscles and feathering are in the initial stages of being built up on his legs, his body still has a lot of work to make the surface smooth and his rump and chest the right shape.


A foal, nameless at present.

Foalie needed some work on his legs, which had cracked. he also needs more sculpting on his hooves.

This is a small restoration on the scale of things as most of the model is in very good condition.

Foalie has now been restored and is living with his foster mum you can see his picture here

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