3. Once all the "diseased" latex is removed, I can begin to rebuild the pony's legs, ears and mouth. I have used epoxy putty to do this. The photo shows stage one of rebuilding, I have put a layer of putty over the leg wires and rebuilt the ears and lips. The legs will need some shaping and then more putty to make them even.

4. Here I have done the sanding and added more putty to strengthen the joins and to try and improve the shape of the legs.I have also made the hooves larger to make the pony more stable when he is standing up. All that now remains is for me to paint him with acrylic paint. I may give him white socks as this will help to disguise a mended leg. The paint on his body needs to be matched and retouched and his eyes need redefinition.

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5. Here is the final version, I have repainted him and added some new mohair to his forelock to give him that real hairy pony look. He has painted horseshoes as he had them originally. All he needs now is a name, Douglas after Douglas Bader.

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