Melchior is one of three Lippizanna models that I have. Melchior is a white grey and therefore needs special care as the Julip greys are the ones that are most prone to perishing and discolouration. When not being taken to model shows, Melchior is kept in the dark and the cold (A cupboard in my living room) to preserve his condition. Julip did produce a Spanish Riding School rider and tack specially for these models. I made my own from pipe cleaners and felt.

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Havillands Moonshine is another lipizanna, this one has been covered in a layer of acryllic paint by a previous owner and has has light dapples painted on. He has particularly wavy hair.

His bridle is an original Julip one.

Havillands Rabble Rouser is a Lipizanna made in Palomino. I found him on eBay.He is in excellent condition but I had to replace his tail which had fallen prey to moths.

I intend to show him as a Welsh Cob as I think that suits his colour better.

He is a good looking boy though!

Find out how his tail was replaced here


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