That Quarter Horse is a model that has been produced for many years. It is still being made today and is part of the current range of Julip originals. Visit Julip's site to see the current colour models.

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This is Blaze, a Quarter horse in good condition. I have repainted his white markings where they has discoloured but apart from that he is in excellent condition. The Quarter horse is one of the taller models produced.

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Harap Alb is also a Quarter Horse, even though he doesn't look like one. I had to remove all the Latex on his legs because it had gone gummy. Whilst I was doing this I repositioned his leg wires and remade him as a trotting Warmblood. His hair is original his paint finish is one of my own.

This grey is an older model called Copeillia, she has the older style eyes and has had a new mane put in by me. Her original hair went brittle and had to be replaced.

See her before and after shots here.

This chap is Jairus, who along with Lazarus and Aslan was one of my initial restorations.

Originally he was strawberry roan but I repainted him as a skewbald once I had rebuilt his legs, ears, and nose.He has a mixe mane in coarse mohair.

Jairus takes it easy and doesn't go to shows much, he is in retirement.

Phoenix arrived from eBay earlier this year, he needs extensive restoration as he is badly cracked. Watch this space for future updated with make-over photos soon.

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