This is a gallery of some of my Julip models. Some of them are customised but the majority are original finish although, some have had retouch work done to prevent them from perishing. I have tried to organise them by type The colouring book images and comic strips are now on their own page, the Art Gallery

Cob Stallions

Arab Mares

Arab stallions

Cob Mare

Arab Champions

Thorough bred

Welsh Cob

Family Horses



Irish Draft.

New Lipizzana

Text Stories

Old Arab Mare

Unknown Models

Farm Cob

Quarter Horses

TV Lounge



Dressage Horse

Very Old Models


Welsh Pony

New forest pony

Childs' Pony


Welsh Pony II

Shetland Pony

Arabian Solid horse1 Solid Horse 2 Cob Family Pony

The saddler

DIY section to make your own tack.

Meet Manda,

I'm the owner of course!

Julip Staff.

Riders and grooms

Mr. Flint's Forge!

A Julip Blacksmith.

Julip tack and acessories

What the well dressed horse is wearing

Julip friends.

Assorted dogs etc.

Havillands World Of Fun
Text Stories TV Lounge Staffroom