You need thin ribbon, Jumprings, clear glue, scissors and the horse you are making the headcollar for.

It is best to make the head collar on the model as then you are sure of the fit. Wrap the model's head in cling film to protect it from glue.

1. Make the top of the noseband section by attaching a jumpring to either end of a piece of ribbon.

2. Join noseband to a ring under the chin, attach a loong piece of ribbon to the chin ring and fold over the end making a ribbon loop.

3Create cheek pieces and add jump rings to the ends.

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6 Try it on your model!

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4, Attach a length of ribbon from one cheek piece to the other passing through the ribbon loop.

5 Attach ribbons to both cheek rings, make a double ring buckle on one, leave the otherplain to thread through the buckle.


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