I like to make dolls clothes, and clothing for Julip riders is no exception. Here are some simple patterns for Clothing for thr newer style Horse of the Year Riders, The patterns are based on clothing salvaged from an older "Originals" style rider that I was redressing.

When printing out patterns, set your printer to 72 DPI then they should come out the correct size.

Clothes are best made out of felt, it does not fray and is available in all sorts of interesting colours.

This is a pattern for a very simple shirt, cut one out of white or cream coloured felt. Fold on the dotted line and tuck into the Johdpurs already on the rider. Add a collar and tie from felt scraps, glue or sew them on.

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This is a waistcoat made in one piece.

Cut one from bright coloured felt.

Sew matching symbols to make shoulder seams.

Put on your rider and sew the front closed adding beads as buttons. (Craft minded people might also add a tiny chain for the rider's watch!) if you want , velcro or press studs can be added to make it removable


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