This is an Cloud Nine modelling an Arabian halter and collar made from embroidery thread, bits of old jewellery and beads.

Jumprings and a chain from an old broken necklace make the bit under Cloud Nine's chin, the embroidery thread is braided and tied in knots, The loose ends of the knots have been brushed with a teazle brush to fray them in to tassles.

I thought blue and gold would suit a grey horse like Cloudy.

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Below is a simple step by step guide to how to make an Arab style show halter for yourself.

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These are the items you will need.

Embroidery thread in a colour that you like,

Jump rings,

A section of fine chain, (I am using a piece of an old broken necklace I bought from a charity shop)

You will also need scissors and a pair of small pliers to open the jumprings with.

Open one of the jumprings, attach one end of the chain to it. Threadthe othe two jump rings on to the chain and then attach the other end of the chain to the open ring. Close the ring with pliers. You should have two rings attached to a chain loop. (The above picture shows this but it is very blurry.)

First cut three lengths of embroidery thread, the lengths will vary depending on the model it is to fit. My threads are about 30 cm long.

Tightly plait the threads to make a long piece of coloured braid.

Thread your braided thread through the two loose rings to look like the photo above.

Try it on your model, the chain goes under the model's chin and the braid goes over the nose.

Tie the braid at the back of the model's head once you are happy with the length of the braid.

Tie knots in the ends and fray the tails to make simple tassles.

With a simple leadrope attached to the bottom ring, the headcollar is finished.

This halter can be decorated with coloured beads or made in multicoloured thread to suit your model.

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