Most of the Havillands site is devoted to Julip Originals, but I do have a few of the newer Horse of the Year models ( HOTYs for short) Check the links page for more comprehensive HOTY collections belonging to other people. Here is Saffron the newest model being brought into the Havillands yard by Sue.....

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Sue soon has her tacked up to see how she goes under saddle.(Where did you get that saddlecloth Sue?)

Saffron is a sensible cob, she didn't bomb off when Sue dropped the reins. What are you looking at Sue ?....A hot air balloon? You get a lot of those round here, let's hope it doesn't frighten the horses!

Later back in the field, Saffron gets some time to make friends with the other horses. James and Wottie seem quite ameanable. They are glad to have a new pal.

Who are the HOTYs? have a look at a few of them here.

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