Paint your pyramids any colour you want. I am using white but you may have a particular colour scheme in mind for your toy stable or showjumping diorama. Red and yellow would look good, so would blue and white.

I am using acrylic paint as it goes on most surfaces, since the pyramids are cardboard, poster paint would work just as well, just don't get the pyramids too wet as they will go squashy. If you add abit of PVA glue to your poster paint it makes a sort of home made acrylic, just be sure to wash your brushes carefully as it will set solid if any glue is left in the bristles.

You may need several coats depending on how thick your paint is.

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While the pyramids are drying measure the garden sticks and carfully cut them to the length you want, mine are 22cm long, If you are using drinking straws you will be able to cut them with scissors, garden sticks can be cut with a craft knife, again seek assistance with this if you are young.

(Incidentally, I am actually right handed but I am taking the photos with my right hand so my left hand is doing all the work!)


Paint the sticks to match the pyramids, these garden sticks are dyed dark green, I needed several coats of white to cover the dye. Drinking straws are often in bright colours so they may not need painting at all.

Other things that are good for poles are sections of plain dowels, lolly sticks-which can be coloured with felt tipped pens- , old felt tipped pen or biro barrels, wooden coffee stirrers and the handles of paintbrushes whrere the bristles have gone hard because they are gummed up with glue!


While the sticks are drying take a ruler to the pyramids, measure where you want the poles to go and mark a cross. Make sure you measure carefully as you want the crosses the same height on both pyramids, if they are at differen theights you will have a wonky jump suitable for hillside courses only!

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