Need more jumps?

Don't have enough pocket money to buy any?

Never fear, here is a jump you can easily make out of things that might otherwise be thrown away. Follow the steps to make your own Eggbox pillar jump........


You will need......

A carboard eggbox, thin sticks, (I used the sort for holding up plants) or drinking straws, two wooden beads, PVA glue, paint -poster paint or acrylic, I am using acrylic in this tutorial- a paintbrush, ruler, craftknife or scissors, a pencil and coloured insulation tape (optional)

I am working on a nasty looking surface, it is a sheet of card put down to protect the table underneath, this can be a messy project so do take care to protect your surroundings.

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Open up the eggbox and have a good look inside , see those two sticking up bits in the middle? ........No?.....


...there...... those bits. That's my real finger folks!


Cut them off near their bases using a craft knife or sharp scissors. Please be careful if you are using a knife, if you are very young you may need help from a passing responsible person here.

You will wind up with
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