When the poles are dry you can decorate them. I have used coloured insulation tape to make the stripes but a painted stripe in a different colour or one done in felt tipped pen or marker will look just as good.

Cut carefully over each cross that you have marked on the pyramids, I used a knife to do this but small sharp nail scisors will work just as well. Poke a small hole in the centre of each cross with a pencil point into modelling clay underneath to get the scissors in to start with.

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Gently push the ends of the poles into each of the cross cuts, they will grip the poles and hold them steady. You will need to experiment a bit with getting the poles lined up. Push the other ends of the poles into the cross cuts on the other pyramid.


Your jump should look like this one more or less, The basic jump is finshed but I want to make mine look a bit fancier. I am going to add some finials to the tops of the pyramids.

To attach bead finials, run a strand of glue around the hole on the top of the pyramid.Not too much you don't want it to go everywhere.

If you use PVA glue it will dry clear. PVA glue sticks many materials and does not smell bad.

You can also use Bostick/Uhu but it gives off smelly solvent fumes so work in a well ventilated area if you do use it get adult help if you are very young.



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