I belong to a couple of model horse clubs in the U.K. including one set up especially for Julips. This enables my models to enter shows, usually the photographic variety, but quite often in person at "Live" model shows.

Typical activities include; in hand showing, ridden showing, tack and turnout and my absolute favourite, performance.

Being bendy, Julips can be posed to do just about anything, from dressage to jumping my models have done the lot. (not always successfully but they'll have a go.) My Lipizzanas perform as part of the Julip Spanish Riding school, one of my Arabians pulls a small sleigh, and Meredith (See main page) has been known to fling himself over the odd show jump or two.

At the last count my collection numbered about sixty two.

I enjoy making small accessories for them such as my own tack, rugs and riders.

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